Scarlett Avery: Sinful Billionaires: Billionaire Romance, Age Gap Romance Older Man, Accidental Pregnancy Romance (Sinful Hotshot Playboys Trilogy Book 1)

L and Holy Smokes Goes without saying that I had the same reaction All kidding aside Scarlett Avery didn t get to be billed as a Best Seller by writing bad books Neither did she get her reputation for HOT by just writing a tame bodice ripper If this book doesn t rock our world A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 you may want to checkour pulse just to be sure If an Elephant Went to School you re still aliveScarlettou wrote Morse Code for Radio Amateurs yet another winner and one which will reuire me to write a thankou note to whoever in The Ideal Muslim Society your life encouragedou to write My world would be a lot smaller if Linux Networking Cookbook you weren t writing such really seductive stories Scarlett has given me exactly what I was looking forAs per her MO Scarlett has delivered a story that keepsou turning pages or swiping left to get to testosterone laced dirty talk and situationsSinfully Sexy Smooth Talking SEALsDeliciously Dirty DominationTwists and Turns along the waySexual TensionOff the chart chemistrySexy Situations Marcus Garvey you ll find out what I meanfanning selfAmelia may be a dirty little princess but that s only because Holden and Brandon have broken down all the barriers to her sexuality She not only craves their touch but demands and as she is transformed into their dirty little princessPick this upou will not be disappointedFirst Full Length Story From Scarlett I liked this story very much if I should complain about something it most be that the story was too drawn out in some of the scenesWhen that s said it was a great story with a lot of feelings There s no unnecessary descriptions and a lot of dialogues so I really enjoyed reading itThe writing style is easygoing and fun I love the banter between the three of them and that Amelia manages to take her men by surprise with her free spirited mindThe characters are well written and I love that we get all 3 characters POV that makes me feel like I know them all in the endIf FRIENDLY ENEMIES you re looking for hot m nage love scenes and sweet lovely romance I recommendou dive in to this oneBecause I think the story was a little drawn out it s a weak 5 stars from me Oh my God Scarlett has written another smoking hot book Amelia Brandon and Holden have great chemistry sizzling between them This book was funny sassy realistic and oh so HOT. The wager is worth the risk Especially when I find out Im pregnant USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery brings Amok you a red hot romanceoull devour in one sitting No MM OH MY FREAKING GOD Freaking fantastic Sensational wonderful story that I didn't want to end My mouth is still hanging open I loved this book and such an interesting sto.

Ails Scarlett writes beautiful stories dealing in love I give her another five for this one also Scarlett Avery is an amazing author Holden Brandon and Amelia will take And a Bottle of Rum you on a ride like no other The love story between these three is spell binding All three of these lovable characters are enchanting on their own Amelia may have been naive on the beginning but she really knows how to keep her men satisfied Her two alpha SEAL billionaires really know how to please her An incredible story with a few twists and enough steam to keepou hot and bothered Highly recommended for Crochet your reading pleasure I really wanted to like this book the storyline was good the characters seemed interesting but the over the top descriptions about everything turned me off Her shoes her jewelry her clothing his shoes his watch his clothing nah I m sure lots of people will like this but it was so wordy it took away from the storyline for me I was skipping so much and decided to just stop reading wasn t working for me Love triangle stories by Scarlett will keepou wanting Love navy seals storiesthis is Playhouse your book to read Holden and Brandon labelled giggolos found there true love Amelia Bring out the big beef and and its sammich styleAny books by Scarlett are a must read Some parts will haveour panties in a bunch You ve been warned OMG Scarlett Avery has done it to me again Everytime I read a Scarlett Avery book I feel like she s writing just for me I like my men cocky tall strong and oh so very hot And this woman knows how to write hot I don t know if Brandon and Holden have replaced Ethan and Xander in my heart et characters from a previous HOT HOT HOT Avery book but they re getting really close I really want to know why when I visit London I m not running into these sexy characters SighBut let s get down to the book shall we As we have come to expect from this marvelous author the pace is set from Page One It will not let ou down neither will it slow ou down She knows how to keep interest moving from page to page She also writes the absolute hottest exchanges between her characters For example Amelia s first thoughts when meeting Brandon and Holden are award worthy Down Gir. Hen I nearly face plant two strangers come to my rescue The sad thing is I dont remember them Too much partying and allI never expected to officially meet my rescuersIt turns out theyre American billionaires and former Navy SEALs Theyre older tooIt appears our lives are intertwined in the most surprising way and now I keep asking myself if.

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This is the best book I have ever read where ou can feel the sexual tension between Amelia Brandon and Holden The chemistry between them is so well written that Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, you can actually feel the build up and the cravings they have for each otherI was captivated from the beginning and not one single time was I bored I don t think the book is too long as others think I really love that I get to read so many pages filled with hot encounters that will leaveou breathless and moaning at the same timeI have read a couple of Scarlett Avery s books and this is the bestIt s not all about what s going on in the bedroom but there s also a fantastic story If Household Gods you love a really good m nage books thenou must read this I enjoyed this book I would have given it five star except for it was not as smoothly paste as I like At times the style would change and that would throw me off a little Sometimes it just didn t read right But all in all it was good The characters were never real enough to become a reread But the plot was very good A little bit convoluted but good I don t know this is a new writer or early writer first book but I doubt if I ll be buying another one This book is steaming hot Written theory lchokengtitiktitikchokengThis book is steaming hot Written in the perspective of all three characters indifferent chapters Maos Little Red Book you get an all inclusive story that will haveou panting Loved this story Scarlett Avery has a way to rein Der Persönliche Erfolg you in soou can t put the book down Now on to Charlie s story I absolutely love her books This is another great and creative story A princess as Brandon and Holden call Amelia A girl who has not had any luck with finding the right guy meets to of the most wonderful handsome and sexy ex navy seals self made billionaires who fall madly for her Through a twist of fate how the meet don t know who she is and try and find her but because of the secrecy surrounding her for protection it takes them until the big gala for her father for them to finally find out who she is They make a play for her and the story deals with them trying to romance her and fall madly in Love There are several twist and turns that mysteriously occur but in the end love prev. Given my fathers high powered profile some might say Im flirting with danger After all certain decisions come at a high price for a woman in my positionIm Britains Prime Ministers daughterMy best friend told me to ring in my twenty fifth birthday with a bangMission accomplishedToo many drinks later and I might have gone a tad bit overboardW.

USA TODAY and TOP 21 bestselling author Scarlett Avery unapologetically pens steamy love stories featuring dominant dirty talking alphalicious billionaires Her kickass heroines are smart and sassy And you should always expect edge of your seat twists Scarlett revels in billionaire romance stories regardless if her manwhore heroes are from a small town or the big city Her romance novels come in one range of sexiness—scorching HOT Youre guaranteed a sensual rollercoaster rideHer books have been featured in USA Todays Happily Ever AfterReading order ➜ Dont be a stranger and connect with Scarlett1 Join Scarlett Averys mailing list for exclusive offers ➜ 2 BookBub where you get notified of new releases the second she hits the publish button and where you can leave reviews 3 Facebook where she hangs out with her group of loyal readers daily4 Goodreads where you can also read her reviews