By Diana Fosha - foreword,Hilary Jacobs Hendel: It's Not Always Depression: Working the Change Triangle to Listen to the Body, Discover Core Emotions, and Connect to Your Authentic Self

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A conceptual tool a map to understand our emotions and discover what we are doing with them that limit our awareness and growthWithout argon or overly technical explanations she presents the latest theories and discoveries in cognitive psychology neuroscience and mindfulness meditation She distills this knowledge into a multitude of useful tools and skills to better understand acknowledge and use our emotions to enhance our livesShe describes clearly and compassionately the various ways we have of avoiding emotions with the layers of defenses protective feelings and automatic emotional reactionsHer approach reminds us and focuses on our innate health and teaches how to use that effectivelyThe book is filled practical techniues of observation and mindful awareness skills to help one become in touch and accepting of our core emotions The book offers hope and directionThe author is a trained and obviously skilled therapist and writes openly about her own struggles and discoveries She writes with openness compassion and humor that offers the reader the opportunity to understand what she is feeling and how she thinks and how she guides her patients to help them discover their true powerThis gives us a window into how our minds work and how important it is to pay attention to our bodies and our emotions whenever interacting with others and ourselvesAnd most important this book offers hope for gaining understanding acceptance and healthy ways to manage our deepest feelingsLarry Drell MDAnxiety And Depression Therapy ServicesWashington Endel teaches lay listeners and helping professionals alike   Why all emotions even the most painful ones have value  How to identify emotions and the defenses we put up against them  How to get to the root of anxiety the most common mental illness of our time  How to have compassion for the child you were and the adult you are  Jacobs Hendel provides navigational tools body and thought exercises candid personal anecdotes and profound insights gleaned from her patients' remarkable breakthroughs She shows us how to work the Change Triangle in our everyday lives and chart a deeply personal powerful and hopeful course to psychological well being and emotional engagement  PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

Mind and they did work and I ll be repeating these as reuired I love this book I m so glad I found out about it from the Shrink rap Radio podcastWho doesn t want an accessible techniue that helps us become aware of understand and then better manage our emotions toward becoming a authentic SelfThis book is not only good for me personally but in my work as a therapist I am now including the Change Triangle in much of my work with clients It has opened up a new and accessible line of inuiryI am also introducing It s Not Always Depression to my monthly Therapist Peer Support groupThank you Hilary for providing us a road map toward connecting with our most authentic Self As a psychiatrist and therapist for over 40 years I have always encouraged my patients to pay attention to how they are feeling and thinking To deny or avoid one s true feelings and emotions leads to a multitude of problems and symptoms from states of depression to anxiety and everything in betweenThis practical and clearly written self help book written by a gifted therapist helps the reader learn the incredible importance of understanding and accepting our core emotions and the variety of ways we use defenses and other emotions anxiety guilt and shame to protect us even though they cause us pain as wellIt is filled with examples from her personal life and her work with patients to help you understand the importance of discovering and accepting your emotional responses and how to use that knowledge to better navigate your lifeShe introduces you to The Change Triangle. Healing power of our emotions  Whereas conventional therapy encourages patients to talk through past events that may trigger anxiety and depression accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy AEDP the method practiced by Jacobs Hendel and pioneered by Diana Fosha PhD teaches us to identify the defenses and inhibitory emotions shame guilt and anxiety that block core emotions anger sadness fear disgust oy excitement and sexual excitement Fully experiencing core emotions allows us to enter an openhearted state where we are calm curious connected compassionate confident courageous and clear  In It's Not Always Depression Jacobs Hendel shares a uniue and pragmatic tool called the Change Triangle a guide to carry you from a place of disconnection back to your true self In this audiobook Jacobs

Readable and accessible Highly recommend Essential life skills for all of us Compassionate clear and accessible So glad I found this An interesting model for how defenses against emotion can lead to depression Useful if the cause of your negative emotions is in the past or if you have any positive emotions available to feel now If your life is unhappy and you have no cause or outlet for positive emotion then it s not much use Worth a look though This is the second book in this approach to therapy called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy The other excellent book being Living Like You Mean It by Ron Frederick I may be biased for being a trainee in this approach but I didn t truly know what to expect with this book It may not have been helpful as I am already deeply steeped in this approach and the new wave of emotion experiential and trauma focused approaches to psychotherapyBut I ve found this book to be absolutely fantastic There are great exercises as well as transcripts and many visuals to make sense of the triangle of experience and self other emotion I am recommending this to many of my clientsI m steeped in the comtemplative traditions and practices as well and I know of no better approach to change as to give space and attention to embodied experience as difficult as it may be Any other way is avoidance Would recommend the book to anyone Found this purely by accident and the title intrigued me Read it over a weekend and plan to read it again I thought the techniues wouldn t work but tried them with an open. Fascinating patient stories and dynamic exercises help you connect to healing emotions ease anxiety and depression and discover your authentic self  Sara suffered a debilitating fear of asserting herself Spencer experienced crippling social anxiety Bonnie was shut down disconnected from her feelings These patients all came to psychotherapist Hilary Jacobs Hendel seeking treatment for depression but in fact none of them were chemically depressed Rather Jacobs Hendel found that they'd all experienced traumas in their youth that caused them to put up emotional defenses that masueraded as symptoms of depression Jacobs Hendel led these patients and others toward lives newly capable of oy and fulfillment through an empathic and effective therapeutic approach that draws on the latest science about the.

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