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Ng the whole book with stickers This book is a pure gem that I am going to treasure And to all my poetry lovers THIS IS THAT BOOK I highly recommend this one especially if you are a desi Overall Rating 55 A lovely book for all ages Some of the poems sure are geared toward a young woman heading out into the world but most of the themes are uite universal The writing is beautiful succinct and powerful You should also check out Noor Unnahar s ournal work on Pinterest or Instagram and watch her videos on YouTube I love love love this poetry book Buy it and read it It s such a great book Lovely simple but moving poetry I read slowly so as to savour A beautiful collection of poetry and a thoughtful insight into the art ournals that have made Noor Unnahar a popular and well loved figure on social media and rightly soI have been an avid fan of her work from Tumblr to Instagram and to have her poetry in book form is such a delightful treat Yesterday I Was the Moon is like listening to a dear friend or reading your inner most thoughts come to life on paper Her words and images are intimate and welcoming and there is something for everyone to take away she expresses her thoughts of her faith her passions her immense sense of pride of her homeland thoughts and feeling that we can all relate toDefinitely add this to your collection of poetry anthologies You will not be disappointed Great. Ploring her heritage what it means to find a physical and emotional home and the intimate and painful dance of self discovery Her poetry and art has already inspired thousands of fans on Instagram to engage with her words through visual ournal entries and posts of their own and her fan base only continues to gro.

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Mers do An essential book for anyone who loves poetryI m such a massive fan of Noor s work the visuals that accompany her poetry are The Intentional Brain just so beautiful If you re unsure whether you want this book look at her Instagram noorunnahar and I m sure it will convince you that you need to have it I really enjoyed this small book of poetry with its ability to look below the surface of the everyday events and their larger significance in a life In addition to the words on the pages the actual book is something special the cover the binding the uality of the paper the typography are allust right and contribute to the overall experience of reading I loved it I wish there was variety in her set and that it hit raw emotions It wasn t awful ust not the greatest My daughter really liked this book When Areeba Suddiue said that you will find a friend in every poem from Yesterday I was The Moon believe it This collection of contemporay poems reflects a lot of subjects like self growth culture religion and society I was amazed by the brilliance of the writing Being a desi with each poem I fell in love with not only the book but even the writer Noor paints an amazing picture of the subject she is speaking on and her thoughts are vivid yet deep In the start I started sticking highlighter strips on the pages of poems I liked eventually stopped after 10 poems when I realized I might end up highlighti. Ackground yesterday i was the moon stands out from the Insta poetry crowd as a collection worth keeping yesterday i was the moon centers around themes of love and emotional loss the catharsis of creating art and the struggle to find ones voice Noors poetry ranges from succinct universal truths to flowery prose ex.

Noor is an amazing writer I am in love with her words I hope she writes another book soon because she is simply amazing Great great writer You will not be disappointed with this book It s a beautiful fresh and lovely book Good poetry My daighter loved the book To the person whowill want to fall in love with mei have been a sky all my lifefull of life and light and angerif you re not coming withthunderstorms do not comeat allYesterday I was the moon is a collection of poetry written by Noor Unhar a Pakistani author I have been following Noor on instagram for a while and this I was very excited when she released her first book I finished the book in one sitting and read it again There are parts of the book which are ust relatableNothing teaches betterthan this triothe fears the tears the yearsThe book does not revolve around a particular theme rather it covers the art home society courage strength acceptance and culture The books is cute and filled with illustrations and poems which makes it personal and almost like a ournalThe words are simple yet effective The book gives all the hope and it ends on a very beautiful note Strongly recommended if you are a poetry lover Every single dream you ve pushed into the oceanpraying that it dies and leaves you alonethe water carries them breathing and aliveyou left them to wither but their pieces wither in youdreams live as long as the drea. Noor Unnahar is a young female voice with power and depth The Pakistani poets moving personal work collects and makes sense of the phases of collapsing and rebuilding ones self on the treacherous modern path from teenager to adult Tinged with the heartbreak of a broken home and the complexity of a rich cultural

Noor Unnahar is a modern day artist and poet whose work combines handwritten text tactile collage and photography to illuminate themes of hope home self love culture acceptance and survival