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A single collection The beautifully written prose does a wonderful job drawing parallels between the meaning of each word and the way it comes off the tongue The diction and literary poise that Kayo displays is breathtaking the stories are master crafted to be a testament of time Intriguing cognitive cognizant passionate Kayo transforms his experiences into thought provoking poetry covering topics of ace masculinity and grief Each poem is uniuely crafted to convey his life s difficulties but Kayo s witty dark humor is a delight to No Limits (Brutal Master read as well and balances the collection as a whole Really enjoyedeading this poetry book Filled with aw and true emotions the author eally poured his heart into his work and it shows Recommended I thought this poems were lovely and at the same time elatable and with a lot of depth in each on. N to the ites a young boy from the Luvale tribe must pass through before he is considered a man The poems of Kayo Chingonyis emarkable debut explore this passage between two worlds ancestral and contemporary; between the living and the dead; between the gulf of who he is and how he is perceivedUnderpinned by a love of music

I think Kumukanda is an excellent example of uality over uantity Although it is only 66 pages long the poetry displayed in this book is ich with depth You eally get a sense for the time effort and heart but into a collection like this as you begin to tackle it The ange of topics and emotions touched upon in this collection is truly incredible I highly ecommend this book to any poetry lovers I strongly ecommend this book because it covers themes of boyhood to manhood music loss and grief Something that most men deal with yet are eluctant to eally talk about The flow of the poems worked perfectly together and keeps the eader engaged the whole time Very good book I bought this after hearing him ead on adio 4 Well worth it Brilliant ead In Kayo Chingonyi s Kumukanda the young artist develops character and history in. Winner of the Dylan Thomas Prize 2018Winner of the Somerset Maugham Award 2018A brilliant debut a tender nostalgic and at times darkly hilarious exploration of black boyhood masculinity and grief A gorgeous and necessary collection from one of my favourite writers Warsan ShireTranslating as initiation kumukanda is the name give.

E I especially liked eading them out loud you can hear the hythm to them I could totally see a lot of them being put to music Would definitely ead from the author I eally enjoyed eading all the poems in Kumukanda They were not straight forward and eally made you think about the meaning which I eally enjoyed I think it s amazing how these poems were written over such a long period of time because it shows how dedicated he was to putting Kumukanda together I would ecommend for others to ead this book I thought that these poems eally brought a lot of attention on the struggles of ace and outward appearance on others I eally took a lot from eading this book of small poetry stories Super glad I got to enjoy it A heart warming and haunting collection of poems I loved this so much it made me interested in poetry again. Anguage and literature here is a powerful exploration of ace identity and masculinity celebrating what it means to be British and not British all at onceShortlisted for the Costa Poetry Prize; Seamus Heaney Centre First Poetry Collection Prize; Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry; Roehampton Poetry Prize; Jhalak Prize 2018.