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Eually can be studied a little for depth neededThe photos are based n the Rider Waite Smith deck usually considered the best deck to train with given the imagery n the cardsIf you are starting ut with the Tarot this is a great book to get This book is very informative and looks relatively easy to read and comprehend I like how the book is larger than most tarot books I ve seen and it s coloured pictures are beautifully vibrant as I trouble with the classic book style with black and white pages Only negative is that mine turned up with scratches n the front f the book I received this book four days ago and have been reading portions ever since It s beautifully put together the illustrations are terrific and there is a wealth Achtung! Cthulhu of information for any studentf the Tarot But and this is critical for me there are spelling and grammar errors Infamy on almost every page and I mnly halfway through the book On page 66 for The Hermit the numerology link XVII is actually for The Star not The Moon In many instances redundant words remain causing the reader to pause and pick a word to go with the sentence This is all distracting when trying to study The person who proofed the galleys may want to find another line General P.T.G. Beauregard of work Very disappointing from a reader s pointf view This book had easy to understand interpretations and beautiful full color pictures but man Every single card I read had grammar andor spelling errors riddled in their descriptions Not sure if I got some weird unedited version but I was a bit disappointed This book had so many shining reviews I thought I can t go wrong Just got it and excitedly started browsing through it The first page I read had a major typo It listed the 10 My Wishful Thinking of Swords Astrological association as Mercury in Virgo but in the adjoining text it said Sun in Gemini I got this book as a learning tool but now I feel like I have to double check everything I read in it What s the pointf having this book How many typos slipped through the cracks I m so disappointed Great book poorly editedI bought this book from another source and The Boy and the Blue Moon only read about 18f the book before deciding to send it back Honestly I hate sending it back because f how much I like it but I can t support r condone the sale The Screwball Comedy Films: A History and Filmography, 1934-1942 of a book especially at almost 40 that carelessly puts a book to print before carefully editing it HOWEVER I actually really like everything else about this bookn how it s laid Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest out and would like to share those aspectsf it The uality paper and size the vibrant pictures f the Rider Waite Tarot deck as usually seen are all awesome along with added shots f various styles f the layout f cards for various readings the content is easy to read and it s a great referrence book so I need to credit the author for thisThe downfall there are way too many mistakes Some are discrepancies in the content ie pages 52 with 44 as I ll show in a some Eat Vegan on $4.00 a Day of the pages somef the errors found As shown page 52 describing symbols under the Hierophant writes about the red roses cross referrencing them with the roses n the Empresses Gown which. Ding and ptions for card layouts followed by a detailed survey Pantyhose Professionals (Pantyhose Diaries Book 2) of every cardf the major and minor arcana Uncover the facts myth histo.

My first books n the Tarot ver 40 years ago were those by Eden Grey These were followed by Eileen Connoly s three Handbooks to this day probably my favorite Masterchef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks of the dozens that I have read Hajo Banzhaf s Tarot and the Journeyf the Hero is uite possibly the most enlightening book Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman on the Major Arcana that I have ever read Why do I mention allf these Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition other books Because as much as I love everyne Heaven Next Stop of them for how they have helped me understand the Tarot if I was to recommend a single book to a beginner who wanted to startn a meaningful journey into the Tarot it would be this neThere s no way around it if you want to achieve meaningful results with the Tarot you have to commit to learning the 78 meanings 156 if you use reversed meanings and this takes time But with the excellent descriptions f the cards themselves and especially valuable discussions f the symbols contained n the cards I believe the time can be condensed and a deeper understanding Bases Loaded of the cardsbtained using this book than any Have A Good Night, Volume 1 other single book that I have read Even for someone who first learned the cards 40 years ago and whose memory is not uite what itnce was this book provided an excellent refresher and provided some new insights that I had not read beforeNote This book is very closely tied to the RiderWaiteColeman Tarot deck and is illustrated with the Universal Waite deck Although there are many different Tarot decks available I have about a dozen I HIGHLY recommend using ne f the Waite decks for study with this book This is a truly wonderful book if you are interested in learning the meanings and symbolism f the Rider Waite Smith Tarot r ne f the decks based n the RWS systemfor Crowley r Marseilles look elsewhere It is very easy to read provides heaps Isabel the Queen: Life and Times of infon every esoteric aspect Fantastic Post Office 03 of the cards astrological associations and Kabbalistic Treef Life for example A uick history Tim Crouch of Tarot and the basicsf reading the cards are also covered The book itself is gorgeous publication with full colour illustration throughout glossy pages and a sturdy cover The author uses the Universal Waite Tarot which does not come with the book but I bought it purposely at the same time and was surprised to discover that it s uickly become ne f my favourite decks Thank you Liz DeanAn aside as great as I think this book is it is really and truly a guide to the meanings Drawing the Human Head of the cards not an exhaustive tool that will teach you how to read Tarot like a pro If you would like a comprehensive studyf the cards I recommend Rachel Pollack s 78 Degrees Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics of Wisdom a very thought provoking bookr Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens just like taking a classI m glad I bought this book and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the RWS Tarot symbolism Great book It s large and has colour photos DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle of all the cards Great for the beginner but actually I think this book will prove as helpful to the experienced reader as has infon astrology chakras kabbala as well as looking at the symbology n the card It s a book that you can pick up for a bit f uick reference but. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot is an easy to use yet comprehensive reference that introduces the tarot providing steps n how to begin rea.

Is for ne incorrect as it s also stated under the Empresses description Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, of symbols as shown in the 3rd picturef page 44 indicating the Pomegranates n the Empresses Gown You ll also see n page 44 the description f the Laurel Wreath n the Empresses head naming all the Pontius Pilate other cards in the deck that also have a laurel wreath but leavesut the King Livin de Life of Pentaclesn page 174 Obviously this was another Aeralis oversight but shouldn t have been There are typos such asn page 50 noting Temperance as card IV when it s actually XIV On page 59 the the are written together On page 66 is noting the Moon as card XVII when it s actually XVIIII d love to see a revision Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half of this book I like uick reference meaningsn both major and minor arcana see photo The book has good extended section Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives on major arcana but generally I find the interpretationsverly complicated and somehow lacking at the same time It s difficult to remember the meanings because Radio Crackling, Radio Gone of that I find Tarot plain and simple by Anthony Louis much betterespecially for a tarot newbie This is an incredibly insightful book Beautiful color and detailed explanationsf each card This is everything you need to know as a tarot reader beginner The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit or experienced There is something in here for all tarot readers This even includes the Kabbala treef life pathways chakra points crystal correspondence to each Limey Gumshoe of the major arcana This book shows some cool tarot spreads too I m so happy with this purchase This really is thenly tarot book you need I have read hundreds Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate of tarot I wouldn t say this is the Ultimate Guide to Tarot In fact it s riddled with errors grammatical and for example for IXX The Sun it talks about the next card coming up as being XX The World when card XX is in fact Judgement with XXI being The World Asther reviewers have also pointed there are also some errors with the Astrological associations so it doesn t instill confidence if you re a beginner looking for a reliable source f information You ll find yourself scratching your head and uestioning things wanting to cross reference ther books Further some card meanings feel lacking in something It touches Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen on things such as Kabbala and Astrology but doesn t explain their significancer relevance There s a lot Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes and Masquerade of wasted space and it feels like the book favours looking prettyver providing much substance A lot Harcourt School Publishers Collections of people seem to like it from the reviewsn here so if you feel drawn to it go for it it s not awful but I feel there are better reliable books From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure out there Given the price and the Liz Dean s career and experience it s unacceptable for there to be so many errors I ve had to send it back as far as I can tell it isn t fit for purpose and doesn t live up to its name which is a shame because I really wanted to like this book I LOVE this book it s beautiful well written and clear Great info and easy to flick through and find the bits you want I m not an expert but have dabbled before and the card meanings feel clearer and in tune with my instincts than anything I ve read before so for me this was a great find Very pleased with Ry and mysteryf the spiritual art On Toby's Terms of tarot reading Whether you want to learn to read the cardsr deepen yourtarot interpretation skil.

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Im an author and an intuitive writing about tarot nature creativity and manifesting My latest book Natures Hidden Oracles published in January 2021 and my next Natures Hidden Charms is coming this SeptemberBefore writing books and reading tarot cards full time I worked in in illustrated book publishing commissioning mind body and spirt books; I also worked as a copy writer for the BBC and co edited Kindred Spirit magazine I spent seven years as a professional tarot reader and healer at Psychic Sisters within Selfridges London and now read privately for people all over the world I give conference talks teach divination and swim in the sea I live on the north east coast and love finding natural charms on our local beachI hope you enjoy my books and I look forward to hearing from you