Jackie Truty: Metal Clay - The Complete Guide: Innovative Techniques to Inspire Any Artist

That is showing as th at and the formatting at least as it is for kindle on iPad is unforgivable with pictures overrunning and not being on the right page At this price I expect better and wish I had ordered the printed book instead at least I could have sent it back I found it good to learn about the different techniues But now I need a project book I exp3cted a bit. Lets lentil bead box pendant ring Helpful appendices including ring sizing gemstone firing times drying times kiln firing temperatures and alternative firing methods Whether ou are just getting started or have been working with metal clay or related materials for Undercover Pregnancy years Metal Clay The Complete Guide is guaranteed to be the resourceou turn to the mos.

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This guide I was told by a metal clay experienced instructor that a lot of the techniues in this book are outdated I would therefore recommend to try other books on metal clay Absolutely appalling to be paying nearly 12 for a digital book that is full of errors Did anyone bother to proof read this Words run together or have split I don t know how many times the word. NgMaterials and tools for working with metal clay Metal clay care and handling including tips for keeping our clay from drying outTechniues including rolling adding texture stamping lids and forming How tos for shaping bails loops beads and connectors Mixing metal clay with glass enamels beads gemstones andTips and troubleshooting Four projects brace.

Really good book if ou are just getting into this type of craft pretty descriptive and great pictures very inspiring I had hoped this would be rather inspirational but it turned out to be a somewhat dull but fairly practical manual It does give a beginner lots of useful information and could be a good pointer to various ways of using the material After purchasing. Explore Metal Clay from Package to Project Metal clays versatility and ability to be enhanced by every other known medium has broadened design possibilities for artists everywhere Metal Clay The Complete Guide is the reference book every metal clay artist needs to have on the shelf for uick access to how to information on a variety of subjects includi.

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