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Well documented with lots of facts Provides excellent insight into the different views and propensities of liberals compared to conservatives This was my second title by Peter Schweizer and was not a disappointment It first laid out the stereotypes that conservatives are buried under by most of the media and then pointed out that the bluest blue State and reddest red state have about 45% with opposition viewsThe General Social Survey is repeatedly referenced by Schweizer It is a comprehensive survey which asks thousands of Americans their attitudes on a host of issues It turns out that most of the caricature of conservatives is in error and many attitudes considered conservative are held often by self proclaimed liberals such as selfishness and anti SemitismPeter Schweizer is another rising star at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University Good but with flaws The book can be broken down as such The research commonly cited for liberal virtue is massively flawed Better controlled research c This book was an excellent explanation of how the vested interests of Wall Street and the current educational system is digging a hole for society that if not corrected will become unrecoverableI found it well written and correctly substantiated Well worth the read It s been anecdotally the consensus for awhile that conservatives are enerally happier family oriented and so forth than liberals but until Schweizer s book no one had bothered to amass the necessary statistics on the matter MAKERS In Do as I Say Not as I Do Peter Schweizer exposed the hypocrisy of liberal elites in Washington and Hollywood In Makers and Takers he broadens his scope to examine the damaging effects of liberal philosophy on ordinary Americans Drawing on national polls and academic studies as well as the revealing testimony of liberals themselves Schweizer shows that liberals are on the whole less honest less en.

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Fluence on others A reat book for political conservatives and one which will be dismissed out of hand by liberals The book is primarily an exposition of the valid statistical analysis of the various positions of both Dead-End Road Mysteries groups which have undergirded their political stance over the past decades The only way to contradict the author s conclusions would be to provide eually valid unbiased statistical information to the contrary As statistics are always subject to two failures validity of sample and conclusions drawn this information is at least valid regarding the facts as far as I have been able to discern As someone once put it We are all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our own facts While a reader might argue with the conclusions the statistical facts are plainly stated The only shortcoming of the text is that the make up of the analyzed samples is left to the reader to research in the footnotes Since the validity of theeneralization of the sample is a function of the make up of the sample this omission from the body of the text is problematic to the reader The footnotes are extensive and bear separate analysis to derive the validity of the author s arguments in the subject text Presuming the truth of the statistical facts presented the book is a treasure trove of ammunition for the conservative cause The liberal will probably dismiss the book out of hand with or without reading it since the easiest path is simple denial rather than defense with information ok. Ansion of overnment has fostered the assumption among many Americans that the state is responsible for our financial social and moral well being From the myth that wealth is the result of luck and exploitation to the insistence that individuals are not accountable to God or social institutions the principles of liberalism have corrupted the personal virtues and community values Americans once honor.

ND TAKERS does our understanding of American society a considerable service in thisThere are two areas where Schweizer s tome could have been improved First its self congratulatory tone would be off putting to a liberal and it s liberals who would benefit most from absorbing and pondering the objective information it offers Second Schweizer had the opportunity to score a rand slam by extending his treatment to FAKERS persons nominally self supporting but whose positions are mostly or wholly sinecures that demand little from them The distribution of political allegiances among such persons Valors Measure government workers featherbedded workers in unionized industries marginal employees in public schools and the like would be illuminating whether or not it confirmed Schweizer s larger thesisAll the same MAKERS AND TAKERS is informative in its objective data and thought provoking in its implications Four stars I m aood way into the book it is borderline between a rant and a thought provoking piece Some BFI Film Classics good points but undecided as of now Excellent reading describing nothing but the truth Buy a bunch and share This book illustrates contrasts in personalities between those who take responsibility and those who try to make a commodity of responsibility It stands to reason that those who clearly see and are less conflicted in decisions regarding right from wrong are happierPeople who are relatively happy with their life and their decisions are less likely to be interested in wanting to controlexert in. Erous lazier and materialistic than their conservative counterparts Moreover conservatives are better parents spouses and citizens   Schweizer's portrait is not a mischievous exercise inotcha journalism Instead tracing political and social changes over the past 50 years he argues that the emergence of liberalism as a philosophy of selfishness is a direct result of big overnment The enormous exp.