By Jack Kerouac: The Dharma Bums

Alistic world has engulfed us and freedom and free thinking seem to be things of the past The drug culture is now feared and grave conseuences of participation in it are promotedPerhaps sadly all I can say is that the bubble has burst. Earching for the ultimate meaning of life 2 cassette.

Horrible a rip off Allen Ginsberg reading the Dharma Bums is a classic Ginsberg gives it a certain vivid flavor and flair that you will want to hear again and again I have just finished this book and really enjoyed the written word. One of his most powerful works Kerouac's autobiograp.

It has a free flowing style which is mesmerising and relaxing to read I am old enough to remember the times it was written in and they were very optomistic and freeHowever I was reading the book in 2012 and times have changed The mater. Hical novel concerning a pair of wanderers who are

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