Leonardo Pereznieto: You Can Draw!: Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings

M somewhat a beginner and if I can do it I think anyone could It is very informative and I think that anyone who is looking to learn a bit should get this book This book can teach a lot There are short lessons on just about everything drawing Leonardo Pereznioto is a famous colored pencil and graphite and charcoal artist He famous on you tube for his awesome 3 dimensional drawings that a extremely life like He covers a list of materials that he uses and recommends He has short lessons on things like light and perspective and they all have diagrams He doesn t spend a whole lot of time teaching you how to draw in general but gives a few basic lessons so you can achieve those life like 3d drawings he s so famous for The book contains a very good amount of drawing subject matter whic. Ow for the first time this international Internet sensation brings his amazing skills to the page With detailed step by step instructions for drawing chrome feathe.

This book is probably ok I feel it still lacks the techniue into realistically drawing and it s jumping from one material to another material I wish it can focus on colored pencil only and not all type of medium because as a beginner we don t want to spend too much money on getting different types of materials The emerald gen tutorial is a failure the chrome sphere is alright Leonardo has produced a great book with step by step examples of how to draw realistic gemstones water drops rocks flowers etc It makes a great resource of ideas to improve you drawing techniues and has a good section on materials and how to use them to the best advantage I got this book because of watching his videos on You Tube I have already finished two drawings and I am very happy with the outcome I Artist Leonardo Pereznieto's hyper realistic surfaces and textures and his instructional YouTube videos on how to recreate them have earned him millions of views

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H are all diagramed and easy to follow along Things that artists struggle with like metallic objects glass and water This includes things like underwater drawings a glass of water and water drops He also gives lessons on two gemstones I highly recommend this book for any one who is a fan of his work or if your not familiar with him then anyone who wants to learn to draw some difficult objects to depict He makes it really easy to learn and you walk away with a lot nowledge on theseach subjects I do think you might like to have some art experience but he makes it so that it s not really reuired I just loved doing his projects They were lots of fun Sorry my pics are all sideways I didn t think to turn the camera the otherway I like this book It always gives me ideas for what to dra. Rs fur gemstones water droplets wood andthis stunning book gives his large and devoted fanbase deeper insight into Pereznieto's astounding techniue than ever befor.

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