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This books covers small arms from the 1500 s ight up to the present day The book is broken down into segments covering the evolution of firearms development The book is lavishly illustrated with dozens of color plates and photographs It also gives concise information on all of the firearms in the book The only thing that kept me from giving this book 5 stars instead of 4 is that there are chapters on infantry support weapons specifically flamethrowers less lethal and infantry anti tank weapons Some people would not consider this a flaw The chapters were interesting but IMO they don t No Limits (Brutal Master really belong in a book on small arms All in all I enjoyed this book as I believe anyone interested in firearms would I am hoping that the author wuill produce a companion volume on artillery infantry support weapons Very informative and amazing breakdown for small arms 101 Unfortunately I purchased this book without taking. From the very first handguns of the 15th century to modern machine guns andifles Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia is a highly illustrated volume that examines all the significant small arms of the world featuringthan 1000 of the world’s handguns assault ifles shotguns machine guns and otheresoteric weapons All the famous weapons of each type are featured.

A few minutes to flip through the pages It is filled with errors both historic and technical in nature Many very common firearms don t have a photograph and instead have low detail artwork Starting off on pg 36 portions of the information on the Colt Paterson are wrong then on pg 39 the listing for M1861 Navy Colt has the illustration for a 1851 Navy Colt Next on pg 63 the wrong photograph is used for the 1886 Winchester and the historic information is uestionable I list these because Colt and Winchester are probably the most esearched firearm brands in history with easy to find Essays One reference sources It show just how little effort was made to produce aeliable Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose reference volume While I haven tead the entire book I have yet to find a section without some factual error I have ead this cover to cover Book was in decent condition and I m very pleased I will continue studying this for a long time This book THE. Such as the M 16 Colt44 Magnum and MG42 Each featured small arm is illustrated with an excellent full colour artwork showing the weapon in great detail with full specifications tables that list country of origin weights dimensions and calibre with all weights and measures provided in both metric and imperial Withthan 1000 outstanding colour artworks Small Ar.

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VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SMALL ARMS is one of THE best compilations of ALL firearms I ve found in uite some time and I have than a few OTHER books on the subject to back that up ALL of THOSE books COMBINED don t even come close to THIS one in overall coverage presentation and history What I found most striking were all the cutaway views of which there are plentyAnother interesting aspect to this book are not just the PISTOLSor the RIFLES or even the SUB MACHINE GUNSIt s also got the grenades anti tank personnel weaponry as well as light medium and heavy machine guns shotguns carbines assault ifles as well as LOTS of modern civilian small arms from ALL nations It was very pleasing to see EVERY side of the small arms genre WELL epresentedWhen I first came across this book it was in the DISCOUNT aisle of Barnes Noble of all places and cost UNDER 8I thought that MUST be a misprint but noit wasn tnot bad for a bo. Ms Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and accessible eference work that will appeal to anyone with an interest in small arms About the Author Martin J Dougherty has written books on a variety of subjects including self defence and warfare in addition to his work in the defence and security industry where he is an expert on weapon systems and asymmetric conflic.