By UNKNOWN: American Poetry : The Twentieth Century, Volume 2 : E.E. Cummings to May Swenson

En heavy soft and slow brilliant and warm Nothing will help and nothing do much harm from Try Tropic Also unfamiliar was Hildegarde Flanner Silence braided her fingers in my hair and put her ankles close to mine in bed and Janet Lewis A creature fresh from birth Clings to the screen door Heaving damp heavy wingsIt s such a shame that the second volume didn t close out the century Where s the rest of the centuryI grieve the absence of three of my fave poets Carolyn Forche Denise Levertov Adrienne Rich Somehow an American poetry anthology without Levertov just seems so unfinished And expanding the timeline would have allowed for some of the wonderful Latina poets to have a spot Why not represent the full CenturyAh wellMir The best poets of America I had never seen this volume of Library of America before It was a happy find and I greatly enjoy Ncluding Robert Johnson Woody Guthrie and Ira Gershwin Several important long poems are presented complete including Hart Cranes The Bridge Louis Zukofskys Poem beginning Theand Robert Penn Warrens Audubon A Vision Rounding out the volume are such infreuently anthologized figures as Vladimir Nabokov James Agee Tennessee Williams and John CageLIBRARY OF AMERICAis an independent nonprofit cultural organization founded in 1979 to preserve our nations literary heritage by publishing and keeping permanently in print Americas best and most significant writing The Library of America series includes than 300 volumes to date authoritative editions that average 1000 pages in length feature cloth covers sewn bindings and ribbon markers and are printed on premium acid free paper that will last for centuries.

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S are fresh to me some old familiars A fewerumwell I wonder why the heck they re here The gibberish of A Purplexicon of Dissynthegration and Mater DolorosaYou can sing along to Ol Man River or Brother Can You Spare a Dime revisit cummings Olaf glad and big or dive into the generous selection of the excellent Elizabeth Bishop poems I was pleased to see selections from The Love Poems of MarichikoKenneth Rexroth How delicious and sensual I cannot forget the perfumed dusk inside the tent of my black hair Langston Hughes is given a good amount of space as is Roethke although I d have been happy with MORE Roethke personally You ll find plenty of Ogden Nash selections to remind ou of why Tutoring Lady Jane you loved them so as aouthOf the poets unfamiliar to me I enjoyed sampling Genevieve TaggardTry tropic for our balm try storm and after storm calm Try snow of heav. Often to divide the literary scene This was the era of the Harlem Renaissance the Objectivists the Fugitives the proletarian poets It was also an era of vigorously individuated voicesknotty defiant sometimes eccentricThe range of tone and subject matter is immense here are Melvin B Tolsons swirlingly allusive Harlem portraits Phyllis McGinleys elegant verse transcriptions of suburbia May Swensons playful meditations on the laws of physics The diversity of formal approaches includes the extreme linguistic experiments of Eugene Jolas and Abraham Lincoln Gillespie Rolfe Humphriess adaptation of traditional Welsh meter the haiku of Richard Wright the ballads of Helen Adam and Elder Olson the epigrams of JV Cunningham A selection of light verse is joined by lyrics from the eras greatest songwriters

Job well done A fine anthology As always great picks by Robert Hass on the other hand a smaller selection for those interested in an entire century s work might be helpful Item delivered on time and as described by seller Good addition to my poetry library Superb collection with many selections by each poet unusual in an anthology also many little know poets re discovered b the thoughtful editors This is a big gem I bought a used copy specified as very good and it is in excellent condition Many thanks This volume is the second of a currently two volume anthology of Twentieth Century American Poetry in the Library of America series The LOA also has published a two volume set of Nineteenth Century American poetry one volu I ve added the two volumes of this anthology to my poetry collection I m enjoying the perusal of them greatly some poet. The editing is than brilliant It is nearly unimaginable how the Library of America team managed to do so much so well Every possible kind of poem is here in its best examples No one has ever done a better anthology of modern American poetry or even come close TalkThis second volume of the landmark two volume Library of America anthology of twentieth century poetry organized chronologically by the poets birthdates takes the reader from EE Cummings 18941962 to May Swenson 19131989 In the wake of the modernist renaissance American poets continued to experiment with new techniues and themes while the impact of the Depression and World War II and the continuing political struggle of African Americans became part of the fabric of a literature in transition New schools and definitions of poetry seemed.

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