David Squire: Houseplant Handbook: Basic Growing Techniques and a Directory of 300 Everyday Houseplants (CompanionHouse Books) Complete Guide for Palms, Bulbs, Ferns, Cacti, Succulents, Flowering Plants, and More

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Useplants flowering houseplants succulents cacti palms bulbs bromeliads air plants and ferns So there is a good variety in it I was disappointed myself because I tend to purchase foliage houseplants and succulents I felt with including all the categories it does the book wasn t extensive enough under any one category I had common foliage plants and succulents that weren t isted It is almost impossible to search for a specific topic in this book The photos are good but you can t search any plant by name or related topic Guess I l go back to old fashioned hard copy Doesn t explain about all the indoor plants. On names; its height spread optimum climate and ight; and propagation tips Handy uick reference icon panels provide each species' reuired summer and winter temperature watering and fertilizing needs and grooming tipsThis user friendly reference is rich in practical advice on every stage of indoor gardening Grow a garden inside with Houseplant Handbook The Houseplant Handbook Basic Growing Techniues and a Directory of 300 Everyday Houseplants is everything that its name suggests Chock full of basic and advanced indoor gardening techniues; The Houseplant Handbook gives you everything you need to grow a healthy prolific eye catching indoor garden Parade.

Tions for most of the houseplants that are now readily available I was disappointed so I returned it Wow So much food information in this book Love it I gave it to my granddaughter who is starting to collect plants She oves it I thought I d update my houseplant books with a recent addition mine are 20 or years old handed down I was having issues finding some common plants so I thought maybe they d become common recently This book offers good basic houseplant care It has uality pictures and is organized well The information on each plant is basic but really what you need to care for it It includes foliage ho. E you can successfully cultivate anything from succulents and bonsai to foliage flowers and fruit Houseplant Handbook contains everything you always wanted to know about houseplants packed into one easy to use volume Inside this book horticulturist David Suire provides simple step by step instructions on choosing the right plants and helping them thrive with tips on propagation repotting grooming and pest controlThe heart of the book is a well illustrated plant directory that offers a fresh perspective on than 300 popular varieties arranged by houseplant families Each entry features a color photograph for identification; the plant's botanical and comm.

Seeing a 5 star review I thought this book would have detailed information on the plants it presented such as how difficult some plants are to grow I guess I just really expected from a book that earned 5 stars from almost 2000 readers I am well versed in keeping and growing house plants however it s been some time since I ve had them in my house and I wanted a book to reaccuaint myself This just wasn t the book for me Nice If you are ooking for a plant book with an abundance of pretty pictures then add this to your collection Unfortunately I was Cuentos reunidos looking for of a plant encyclopedia with use and care instruc. Your complete guide to caring for houseplantsUser friendly reference for every stage of indoor gardening written by an expert horticulturist400 color photos of a wide variety of plants step by step seuences troubleshooting advice and Achieveasting success with flowering and fruiting plants cacti succulents palms cycads bulbs bromeliads and fernsStep by step instructions for selection watering feeding presentation repotting grooming propagation and pest controlComprehensive plant directory to than 300 species with color identification photos botanical and common names and essential adviceHouseplants bring ife and color to any room With the right car.

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