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E Pederson s Supernova uilt for being out of print and out of reachAs for the projects they are not anything novel Tea towels votive holders nightgown Mod Podge projects nothing groundbreaking here But that s not the point The point of the projects in the book is to showcase beautiful ways to use her images It s not called how to sew or make stuff it s called Heather Ross PRINTS Here they are and here s a way to plaster your stuff with them She s not trying to teach sewing although there are the perfunctory sewing basics lesson pages which I suspect the publishers feel obligated to include and nobody in their right mind would use not knowing how to sew in the first place With that in mind the projects are all great ideas in terms of beauty utility and the right combination of ease and ifficulty nothing intimidating Some of the projects you will not be able to create right away You ll need to pay to create her fabric if you Scandalous (Playing with Fire don t have it or you ll need to purchase the fabric as wallpaper etc But most you can she printed the lastozen or so pages of the book with tear out sheets of the prints that you can use for as she suggests wrapping paper as if we would waste it on that or a Brute Force (Nick Stone, decoupage projectIf prints and projects aren t enough Heather gives a brief tutorial on how to use Photoshop to pencil in and repeat your ownesigns and talks a bit about what it s like for her as an artistVerdict Buy it if you re a fan of Heather Ross It is a lovely book full of beautiful Beautiful Breasts Pictures designs as you would expect from Heather Ross I purchased my copy a while back and have come to use theisc and sadly it To Risks Unknown doesn t work Given that I made the purchase a couple of months ago it is probably too late to return Therefore my advice would be to check theisc as soon as you receive the book and return it should it be faulty Its a shame but the book without the When You Look Up disc is not worth the money as the whole book reuires an interaction with theisc Great coffee table book but not what I was looking for when I purchased This is a showcase book with a CD full of Heather Ross s prints which are lovely You can even print out her The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, designs etc I m aesigner myself so that s not really what I was looking for I was looking for a theoretical book on Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene design process and philosophy This is not that But I m sure there are people looking for a book of inspiration and a personal license to print her work from the CD if so this book is for you. Il sketch turn into a wonderful illustration and patternesign For me this section is the reason to purchase the book”― Uppercase magazine “The last section of the book titled “Resources” would aptly be called “Free Awesomeness” Craft books are so plentiful these Scandal! days that it can be hard to stand out from the pack but Heather Ross Prints is uite simply a game changer” ―Apartment Therapy “ Heather Ross Prints includes cheerful and enchanting projects for interiorecoration small gifts and garments that are an inexpensive easy and exciting way to introduce yourself to crafts or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel delve into new projects if you’re a DIY veteran” ― Eco Salon “Flipping through gave me ideas I want to try” ―DesignMomcom “Most crafters will admit to elbowing someone out of the way at the fabric store to score the last yard of Heather Ross fabric Guilty Then you know why sewers and printmakers alike are going crazy for Heather’s new book Heather Ross Prints ―MarthaStewartLivingcom “What really makes the book worth buying is her willingness to walk you step by step through the process ofesigning and having your own fabric printed” ― Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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Not only is this book full of some great project how tos it s also got a isk full of Heather Ross created images for you to o wiht as you wish Right now I m enjoying some as my Shapely Ankle Preferrd desktop background She makes great stuff and now you can too Not onlyoes this book contain very highly prized images made available in formats and with permissions that allow for uploading and printing onto multiple substrates the beautifully presented materials are really inspiring and I am already thinking of ways of Sword at Sunset designing my own patterns and projectsrawing on these materials The book is a paperback but that is a little misleading it s actually a very thick luxurious cardstock and a large magazine sized book It s like a heavyweight cousin of a fine artculture magazine like Cabinet than it is like a regular paperback book Gorgeous stuff wonderfully presented unbeatable price First of all let me just say that the CD rom which includes some of Heather s most popular patterns is worth the price of this book alone and then someIf that s not enough there are also NUMEROUS tear out pages of her prints that you can use to get started crafting right awayNext there is a great tutorial on how to make your own prints using Adobe Photoshop as Heather generously shares her techniuesFinally the cornerstone of this book is the long list of inspired projects I found the paper based projects to be my favorite and I can t wait to get started making journals stationary notepads and sketchbooks The wrapping paper is nice but I am going to take it a step further and print the patterns on heavier cardstock to make fold together boxes or use it on printer paper to cover a pre made box I also wish there were a template for postcards which I think would be super cuteThe sewing patterns seem oddly out of place and I Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch don t think the swim cover up apron chemise or napkins really add anything to the book You can find these patterns anywhere Theishtowels work though because Heather sets them up for you to print out a coordinating set of four with monograms all you have to o is hem that are perfect for gift giving I have to confess though I wouldn t have minded a pattern for the cute skirt she wears in the IntroductionThe book also includes a bamboo tray wallpaper lots of possibilities for this when you find out how easy it is to make your own peel and stick contact paper toddler cover and uvet for boys but you can make one for girls. Frog princes VW buses and big bad wolves―these are the sorts of subjects that Heather Ross Cronache della famiglia Wapshot depicts on the fabrics sheesigns which the sewing and uilting communities feverishly collect with many fabrics going for huge sums on eBay once they sell out at traditional retail outlets In Heather Ross Prints a book and DVD package Ross shares reproducible artwork for than 50 of her most popular prints She provides step by step instructions for 20 craft projects using the prints on the DVD―everything from sea turtle stationery to a shower curtain covered with swirling mermaids Crafters can use the artwork on the DVD as they wish printing on fabric paper or whatever surface they choose Plus Ross teaches her process for The Temple of the Golden Pavilion designing fabric using Photoshop―a boon to anyone who has everreamed of following in her footsteps Praise for Heather Ross Prints “Wow I get so excited flipping through page after page of amazing craft projects” ―Babblecom “Crafters who like Ross’s aesthetic will appreciate her generous approach to sharing her art as well as the creative ideas for incorporating uniue custom made The Secret Life of Birds designs into their home’sécor” ― Library Journal “Ross’s.

Princess and the Pea perhaps rice paper lanterns shower curtain childrens stool house of cards votive holders wall hanging and vinyl wrapped tablecloth From some of her earlier blog posts I thought Heather might include instructions for a belt buckle and t shirt but you won t find those here maybe in the next bookI literally cannot wait to get started on the book s ideas and the ones that are swimming around in my head The stationary templates are something I will probably use again and again Can I use her prints to make mugs Calendars I The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering don t know yet but I can t wait to tryThis is the most generous book I have ever seen published I am only giving it 5 stars because a rating for 100 stars is not available great A beautiful book full of creative inspiration I love Heather s style and fearless exploration of color The worlds she brings to life through her art are full of imagination and fun This is one of my absolute favorite books I would love to know though is there a way to access the DVD files online with 2020 technology Many of the files in Folder A on theisc are not readable and so I cannot access them I am a huge fan of Heather Ross and bought the book sight unseen It s like being blinded by the New Penguin Cookery Book designer label for fabric geeks But itoes not Wrong Pong disappoint After ripping open the package I ll admit I was a little bummed that it wasn t a thick heavy books stuffed with a pocket for patterns and tons and tons of pages Upon further inspection it s relatively thin because everything I expected is in the back on a DVD phewDid I say everything Yes everything Well almost Iid not see the Mendocino seahorses available as ajpg The 50 esigns alluded to in the title are 32jpg andpdf images of her previously published and out of print esigns free for you to use There s a graphic index in the back for you to check and see what you re getting in case you re some kind of freak who would only purchase it for that one fabric and not like the rest You can upload the images at Spoonflower and have the fabric all over again or print them professionally as wallpaper even make stationery out of them She gives The Contest of the Century directions on how too all of these in the projects section of the book still can t get over how generous and unprecedented this is Her beloved and out of print fabrics have been going for 20 a fat uarter on Etsy but no longer Now I can stop side eyeing those gorgeous mermaids in Jacuie Gering and Kati. ‘Step by Step Guide to Creating Digital Designs in Photoshop’ is terrific and will have you feeling creative and confident in no time Not only will you know how to use the The Battle of the Atlantic digital art on the DVD you'll learn how to create your own” ―Scrapbooking & Beyond magazine “The resources and ideas in this book will make any fabric holic’s head just explode So refreshing for an artist to offer up heresigns and allow you to PLAY” ―Generation Magazine “Heather Ross brings you to a magical place Her illustrations immediately transport you to a The Real Dads Army dream world filled with unicorns flowers and gnomes” ―Babblecom “Nothing is fulfilling than making things by hand for your baby’s nursery But what to make The answer to that uestion lies inside Heather Ross Prints the latest craft book by celebratedesigner Heather Ross It’s filled with highly original projects that will bring the handmade stamp of approval to your home” ―DisneyBabycom “The most interesting section of the book reveals Heather’s step by step process of creating esigns in Photoshop With screenshots of the entire process it is uite informative to snoop over her shoulder and see a scanned penc.

Heather Ross is an illustrator author and textile designer with a large following in the crafts and sewing markets Her textile designs are among the most recognizable in the retail fabric market and are a favorite among home sewers of clothing accessories and decor for childrenHeather is the author of Weekend Sewing a best selling how to sewing book Heather Ross Prints and is the illustrator of the Crafty Chloe picture book series as well as numerous chapter book titles She teaches sewing and crafts to women and girls of all ages through her popular sewing retreats and online at Creative Bug Heathers client list includes a wide range of product lines and companies including high end home decor and fashion fabrics for Kokka of Japan paper goods for Chronicle Books original artwork for Polar Bears International for whom she acts as artistic ambassador and even surfboards Walden Surfboards Artists Series Signature LineHeather Rosss home and studio are in New York City