Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory

I ve been taking deep dives into learning during this uarantine One of the subjects I decided to o heavy on is color theory I ve been using color in painting and interiors since I was a kid and I know what colors I need to use instinctivelybut not why and I didn t ever think about the structure behind my choices I decided it was time to learn all the rules I ve read about 4 books on color theory so far and this is the best yet because it is written for paintersDespite many many years of painting interiors classes and a semester of color theory I had only been taught the usual color theory based on the typical color wheelAs my painting progressed I began to want to learn about pigments and as any painter can tell you the regular color wheel doesn t always apply when it comes to working with color in pigmentsThis color wheel uiller developed is seriously brilliantso practical And he talks about which companies make which colors slightly out of date but still helpful Then he even displays what colors look like when you mix them with different ways of creating neutrals It s just a way of breaking down color value and intensity that makes so much sense and will save you a lot of time experimenting if you haven t already done a lot of thisI also love how he breaks down each color scheme I m working now I m laying attention to what kind of color schemes I m using along with values I think the I memorize what is what the time I will save from just intuiting what colors should be mixing up and howDefinitely worth the read I love to read about how other people paint but this book had just too little substance with a slightly New Agey feel to it and uickly became tedious Mostly it consists of endless rather self congratulatory critiues of the author s own paintings Unintentional comic relief is provided by occasional howlers such as making Burnt Sienna a yellowish orange than Burnt Umber in the modestly named uiller color wheelIn my opinion a much better source for these topics including a correct version of such a color wheel would be Color and Light by James Gurney Also you ll learn from watching the drawmixpaint videos on color mixing on youtube than from this book I ve been searching for that perfect book which would deepen my understanding of color and the color wheel so that I can apply it to my uilt making Reading Stephen uiller s 144 page book on color theory provided sever. Internationally renowned artist and best selling author Stephen uiller shows readers how to discover their own personal color sense in Color Choices a book that offers readers a fresh perspective on perfecting their own color stylesWith the help of his own uil.

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His whole book is captivating to the colour theorist painter and art appreciater I could rave on about this book but De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, go buy it and see what I mean for your self I bought this book thinking it was a revised edition of the 1989 book after all the web page says Publisher Watson Guptill New edition edition February 1 2002It is a new paperback edition of the original 1989 bookThe uiller Color Wheel in this Malaysian edition has several major color errors For example the Magenta in the color wheel is Ultramarine VioletThe original book is 5 stars I veiven this poor reproduction 3 stars because his newer book is better and there are color mistakes in the printingSkip this lousy reproduction and either Humanizing Big Data go for one of his newer books This book has been invaluable to me as I learn to paint I have my BFA inraphic design but barely learned color theory The examples and clear explanations in this book really have been a tremendous help A few times he s mentioned something in a paragraph that I ve needed some visual clarification on and boom next page is a large picture showing exactly that The writing is in a kind tone that feels like you re a student in his class I also don t find it the least bit self congratulatory as another reviewer said Mr uiller is simply using his paintings as prime examples 100% would recommend Finally a book that explains colour theory in a simple and understandable way I ve bought numerous books on this subject and at the end of them have felt none the wiser but the author of Color Choices explains the theory in such a way that I now feel confident to be able to apply better colour choices in my art Also his colour wheel using the actual paint names is Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, genius I highly recommend this book Very interesting work by Mr uiller A lot of info on colour theory but a veryood attempt at making it accessible and practical Very Scoring Points good reference book to experiment with colour practice and tame the subject I would recommend it to any serious painter apprentice Covers WC acrylics and oil but I think it works very well for WC and the effort to identify the colours by brand is very helpful I have been attempting to teach myself oil painting for about a year now and the most challenging aspect I m finding is colour I ve tried other books and you tube but I was still confused This book after only reading a uarter of the book has helped me improve my painting considerably. Lains step by step how to develop five structured color schemes apply underlays and overlays and use color in striking unusual ways This book will bring out every artist's uniue sense of color whether he or she works in oil watercolor acrylicsouache or casei.

Al ah ha moments for me The title says it all Color Choices Making Color Sense Out Of Color Theory He teaches workshops on color so this book was extremely informative and simple to understand I actually found it to be an enjoyable readMy main uestion around color has always been So what Yes colors lay next to each other and opposite each other on the color wheel so what It finally connected for me thanks to Stephen s down to earth writing style that Color is magic And what a Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, gift it is to use color in a way that truly expresses what the artist feelsIt s difficult to articulate those ah ha moments in a product review but here s how one moment worked for me to assist the reader Stephen offers sections in the book called Six Studies There are 6 of the same subjects painted differently 6 times using various color schemes and he asks you to Notice how each study differs in color emphasis value and intensity Also look at how the various moods have been developed ranging from calm and serene to austere to fantasy like to dynamic and powerful Because of the 6 side by side comparisons my eye traveled differently around each painting and I began to understand the theory of contrast Or I would like one painting and despise another connecting to the theories of intensity and color harmony Wow I actuallyet itThen he explains what the color is doing for you for example The bright orange has been neutralized to create a distinct mood He s an art instructor so at the end of each chapter he offers a Workshop where he provides exercises for the painter I continue to find reat value in re reading and experiencing this book and I don t even paint This should be the first book you buy if you do watercolour I bought paint on a whim and didn t realise I was missing some important colours until reading this It not only explains why certain colours look ood together but also how to choose them This is the most important part Before I was looking for colour palettes online because I knew some colours looked The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, good together but I didn t know why I really wasn t sure what I was buying as I really only wanted the colour wheel Which is unue BUT THIS BOOK IS AMAZING I totally love it from cover to cover Thisuy understands colour and uses so brilliantly I will Witch, Cat, and Cobb getting his other books asap And really wish I couldo to one of his classes And his colour wheel is worth the price of the book alone But Ler Wheel a special foldout wheel featuring 68 precisely placed colors the author shows artists how they can develop their own uniue color blends First uiller demonstrates how to use the wheel to interpret color relationships and mix colors clearly Then he exp. Ë 2 Characters