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Years ago nobody ate ale Then someone probably a ale farmer or Satan discovered that ale had some health benefits and off The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles kale went Now we are in the middle of a full fledgedale trend or as I call it a Medicine and Religion kale epidemic Kale is just one of the foods that are a no go for him and he is entertaining while he covers what he doesn t like as much as what he likesThis is my first Gaffigan book and I uite enjoyed the clean comedy the inclusion of his wife and children in the stories and that it is an entertaining lighthearted book about the foods he loves Admittedly I approached reading it with a bit of trepidation after recent not funny political comments from him but this was written years before that and was great escapism during a trying time I found myself laughing or chuckling throughout the whole book I m going to leave with two uotes There are some people who don t likeetchup I think they are called losers and something that needs to be made into one of those inspirational wall plaues I mostly eat ice cream at night in sweatpants the uniform of ice cream eating Loved it I m a big Jim Gaffigan fan and a big fan of food so this book is a particular favorite When I read it I could hear Jim s voice and delivery it just made me laugh so hard I d be cracking up while reading in bed or on the train the beach wherever I happened to be And when people would ask what I was laughing at I would read them excerpts from the book and could barely get the words out because we d all end up laughing so hard we were crying It just makes you feel good In this day and age we need to laugh and we definitely need books by JG What s not to love This isn t great writing In fact it reads like a blog than a book but it is very very funny The dry caustic wit reads just like his stand up routine and in fact I often could visualize shows that I ve seen him in as I read I had to give it four stars just because I laughed out loud so often sometimes until tears streamed Great entertainment This book reminded Are with your children Gotten hungry while watching a dog food commercial Does the presence of green vegetables make you angry If you answered yes to any of the following uestions you are pretty pathetic but you are not alone Feast along with Americas fa.

E to lighten up and that life is meant to be enjoyed whether it be with humour or food Recommended reading for all ages Was at Mayo clinic in Jacksonville florida EATING lunch If you re going to read about food might as well do it while you re eating It was a cold dreary day and I guess eating lunch in a medical clinic isn t a joyous occasion Everyone looked as dreary as the weather Here I was laughing so hard at Jim s stories I had tears rolling down my cheeks I looked up and a man 4 tables over was laughing with me Guess laughter really is contagious Jim s style is so down home you feel as if your brother were telling your storyIf you had a story to tell and if your brother was funny Buy the book You won t regret it Then put down those veggies and dig in to a plate of ribs You won t regret that either My lovely wife bought me this for my The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, kindle book collection I read Jim s first book and laughed out loud This one was of the same vein of humor we allnow Jim forIt s good to have a genuine cathartic laugh sometimes and this book is full of them A lot of his stand up routines are covered in this book but they still deliver the goods The behind the scenes look at his life that aren t very well nownare the ones I enjoyed the most This guy can really tell a story If there s one thing I didn t like about this book it would be that it was too short I realize that I am probably in the minority but I could listen to this man ramble on all day His delivery is so dry and yet humorous The picture he paints of himself is of this fat guy who can t walk by a food vending establishment without going in and eating even if only for research purposes for his book I have satellite radio in my vehicle and listen to comedy channels and am always delighted when his material is played This book is by no means for everyone I believe you have to actually like this guy to enjoy his material I purchased both of his books in audio format and truly enjoyed listening to them Jim s first book was much better. Vorite food comedian bestselling author and male supermodel Jim Gaffigan as he digs into his specialty stuffing his face Food A Love Story is an in depth thoroughly uninformed look at everything from health food to things that people actually enjoy eatin.

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My interest in Jim Gaffigan s work has followed a strange path Never very familiar with him as a stand up comic I read his book Dad Is Fat because that was a sentence I heard often from my own children That book turned out to be laugh out loud funny so it s no surprise that I took a look at his follow up Food A Love Story Once again I was impressed by the number of belly laughs I got out of this book I do not consider myself particularly funny which makes my appreciation of those who are that much grea I loved this book a funny light hearted read Sometimes the comedic style got a little repetitive but Jim Gaffigan is still one of my faves I am by no means a language stickler but it really does take skill to be able to make people laugh without excessive curse words Hard to read as I was having trouble holding it still due to constant giggling Does as it claims However cords like ethernet and VGA which are designed to clip on or screw in do not have a place to anchor so they will pull out with little to no effort I had to tie the ethernet cord on so it did not randomly pull out Food A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan is a very highly recommended hilarious book about well loving food and a culinary tour of sorts across the USAAs Gaffigan points out What are my ualifications to write this book None really So why should you read it Here s why I m a little fat If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I d highly recommend that you do not read his book Cheeseburgers and bacon are high on the list for obvious reasons but that is a starting point for what Gaffigan loves He makes it uite clear that he loves to eat eats basically all the time thinks about food constantly and is ready to share his informed opinion about what he likes to eat across the USA The Geography of American Food according to Gaffigan is Seabugland Eating BBland Super Bowl Sunday Foodland Mexican Foodland Wineland Coffeeland Food AnxietylandHe also makes it clear in a humorous way what he doesn t enjoy Ten. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A brilliantly funny tribute to the simple pleasures of eating Parade from the author of Dad Is FatHave you ever finished a meal that tasted horrible but not noticed until the last biteEaten in your car so you wouldnt have to sh.

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JIM GAFFIGAN is a Grammy nominated Comedian New York Times Best Selling author top touring performer and multi platinum selling father of five In May of 2013 Jim’s first book ‘Dad is Fat’ was released by Crown Publishing debuting on the New York Times bestsellers list at #5 and remained in the top 20 for 17 weeks His second book Food A Love Story will be released on October 21 2014 under the same imprint His fourth hour long special “Obsessed” premiered on Comedy Central on April 27th 2014 becoming the most watched stand up special since April 2013 The album by the same title debuted at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 and charted #1 on iTunes giving Gaffigan four albums in the Top 10 Comedy Albums on iTunes At the 2014 American Comedy Awards he was awarded Best Concert Comedian Gaffigan lives in New York City with his wife Jeannie and their five children