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Ficult life for all and especially for females Despite being short stories the plots characters geographical locations and the writing present the experiences of western life as extremely hard and everyday emanding of Life has changed uite a bit today and walking around gunning for people was a terrifying way of life This will be a great book of short stories but I only ordered it because I searched on large print books and this was the first thing that came up Granted I could not find the word large print in the Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, descriptions but some of the reviews said large print and since I found it as a result of the search for large print I took the risk So I guess it s my fault just wanted to pass along in case you re looking for large print to be extra careful I m not sure how to ensure that you get a large print or if there is even one availableNo complaints about the book itself The 4 star rating is just to use Extreme Caution if you re hunting for large print I have enjoyed reading Louis L Amour for over 50 years This is the first time to read his short stories Enjoyable reading Good uality gift I have been a real fan of action western stories for than 30 years and my favorite western writer is Louis L Amour I have read a great number of his books. RageOpen this volume anywhere and you'lliscover classic stories you'll never forget like that of the man who finds a gruesome mystery at the site where a friend's ranch has vanished into thin air or the one about the soft spoken young suitor accused of cowardice who proves his courage when the guns are against himwithout firing a shot You'll read stories of ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances from the rifter who poses as a murdered man to solve a mystery to the grizzled recluse who protects a runaway from a brutal guardian with the law on his sideWhether following the exploits of a coupl.

Over the years but I had not read this particular collection The collected short stories of Louis L Amour Volume 3 Frontier stories 560 pages and when I saw it on for a bargain price I purchased itThis collection has 28 short stories and I really enjoyed reading these action packed stories which were interesting and enjoyable If you are into western stories you should check out this volume 3 collection Louis L Amour is truly the master of writing realistic and page turning western storiesRating 5 Stars Joseph J Truncale Author Training alone in Combatives and Self Defense All the stories are written as uickies Each adventure is ifferent but they give you the true feel of the characters and their plotsSome westerns are mundane for instance certainauthor s plots are wishy washy you know from reading the two chapters whether or not it s going to catch your interestsSo I suggest read and enjoy these novellas they are worth it All of Louis L Amour stories are worth reading His short stories are my favorites This review is being written after my second time through but they remain just as compelling and exciting as they were when I first experienced them Maybe even I highly recommend this book a e this amazing author First class In good condition. E taking refuge in a cabin with a group of outlaws who on't intend to let them see sunrise or a man on horseback battling sleeplessness Indians and a cold blooded killer in a life and eath race through a harsh wilderness these gripping tales all have one thing in common you won't be able to put them Command Performance down until the last pageFor lovers of great storytelling everywhere this exciting collection features the unforgettable characters heart stoppingrama and careful attention to historical Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, detail that have entertained readers forecades and earned Louis L'Amour a permanent place among our finest American writers.

L Amour stories all rate an A except for one of his earlier shorts But the collections bother me I have read several of the collections in which I have found one or shorts in them that I read in another collection Seems to me somebody is just trying to stuff the book to make money I The Perfect Blend doubt I Amour was that type of a personA I purchased this book for my husband He has read the majority of western in excistance and loves Louis L Amour He says he enjoys these because he can sitown and read every evening and have a reason to stop at a reasonable hour If you are a avid reader you understand that once you start a good book you just can t stop reading until the end With these he reads a few short stories and calls it good He has started paraphrasing the stories to our sons 4 and 6 and they are also enjoying these books He says it is almost always the same story line but the etails are what makes it so interesting I ve always loved Louis L Amour books it s true he is the greatest western writer of them all How could I not give 5 Stars Another great what can you say they are all good Remarkable stories of a time where killing and fighting were common The short stories are fascinating and recall a time when aggression seemed necessary to survive Dif. This third volume of Louis L'Amour's collected stories gathers twenty eight tales of the American West in a keepsake edition sure to elight fans old and new This collection is a thrilling tribute to the uniue spirit of our frontier heritage and proves again the enduring popularity of America's favorite storytellerThe essence of Louis L'Amour's timeless appeal can be found in these unforgettable short stories Filled with men and women who embody the values we cherish most L'Amour's frontier tales satisfy our longing for the inspiration provided by those who struggle against the odds with justice honor and cou.

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I think of myself in the oral tradition as a troubadour a village tale teller the man in the shadows of a campfire Thats the way Id like to be remembered as a storyteller A good storytellerIt is doubtful that any author could be as at home in the world re created in his novels as Louis Dearborn LAmour Not only could he physically fill the boots of the rugged characters he wrote about but he literally walked the land my characters walk His personal experiences as well as his lifelong devotion to historical research combined to give Mr LAmour the uniue knowledge and understanding of people events and the challenge of the American frontier that became the hallmarks of his popularityOf French Irish descent Mr LAmour could trace his own in North America back to the early 1600s and follow their steady progression westward always on the frontier As a boy growing up in Jamestown North Dakota he absorbed all he could about his familys frontier heritage including the story of his great grandfather who was scalped by Sioux warriorsSpurred by an eager curiosity and desire to broaden his horizons Mr LAmour left home at the age of fifteen and enjoyed a wide variety of jobs including seaman lumberjack elephant handler skinner of dead cattle and miner and was an officer in the transportation corps during World War II During his yondering days he also circled the world on a freighter sailed a dhow on the Red Sea was shipwrecked in the West Indies and stranded in the Mojave Desert He won fifty one of fifty nine fights as a professional boxer and worked as a journalist and lecturer He was a voracious reader and collector of rare books His personal library contained 17000 volumesMr LAmour wanted to write almost from the time I could talk After developing a widespread following for his many frontiers and adventure stories written for fiction magazines Mr LAmour published his first full length novel Hondo in the United States in 1953 Every one of his than 120 books is in print; there are than 300 million copies of his books in print worldwide making him one of the bestselling authors in modern literary history His books have been translated into twenty languages and than forty five of his novels and stories have been made into feature films and television moviesThe recipient of many great honor and awards in 1983 Mr LAmour became the first novelist to ever to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the United States Congress in honor of his lifes work In 1984 he was also awarded the Medal of Freedom by President ReaganLouis LAmour died on June 10 1988 His wife Kathy and their two children Beau and Angeliue carry the LAmour publishing tradition forward with new books written by the author during his lifetime to be published by Bantam