Erik Olin Wright, Joel Rogers: American Society: How It Really Works

Eep this one for your bookshelf Excellent information about the economy and society This was actually a joy to read and I wish people would read it riveting book insightful author This was a textbook for one of the university classes I took It was horribly dry and boring way too long and was very very biased and far left leaning and I ma Democrat Maybe would have been better for leisure reading but was dreadful to read Can t wait to add this to a bonfire It was reuired for my class Great book Definitely recommend that all young adults read this book so that they have a better understanding of how things wor. Nd democracy The authors then challenge readers to uestion to what degree contemporary American society actually lives up to these values and suggest how we might make progress in solving some of the social problems that confront America tod.

This is only a review of the condition of the book and not of the text itselfThis rental text book arrived with a slice that runs through the cover page and the next approximately 10 pages It only damaged the cover and the table of contents The rest of the pages are perfectly readable The red mark on the photo was an effect to point out the slice and is not on the actual page I had to purchase this for my intro to sociology class Although I wasn t excited about having to take the class overall I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this book was to read It s filled with incredibly interesting statistics. The definitive critical introduction to American society In American Society How It Really Works Erik Olin Wright and Joel Rogers ask several key uestions What kind of society is America How does it really work and why is it the way it is In.

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And US history that you don t need to be a sociologist to understand and appreciate Everything was very up to date as well which is important since politics and society is so dynamic Usually I m chomping at the bit to sell back my textbooks but I liked this one so much I decided to keep it Good book for my intro to sociology Got me though the class Can t say I remember the material as it was a while ago but it was informative and at times caught me attention with reading that I didn t need to read at the time of the assignments This is a reat text for my sociology of wealth and poverty class You ll want to What ways does it need changing and how can those changes be brought about To answer these uestions Wright and Rogers identify five core social values that most Americans affirm in one way or another freedom prosperity efficiency fairness

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