Patrick Alexander: Marcel Prousts Search for Lost Time: A Readers Guide to The Remembrance of Things Past

SThe anguished oung man who critiues society replaces the rituals of Christianity with the salons and art of the Belle poue and offers acute observations on human nature is strangely absentBut maybe that is not so bad Too long Proust has been confined to overly dusty shelves The Guide is obviously an effort to make Proust relevant and to gain him readersWhile the deeper graver parts of A Remembrance are overlooked the humor and bawdiness is genuinely in the original work A first time reader scrambling to keep straight all the different Guermantes could easily miss itThus recommended if Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften you want a light fun guide to what can otherwise be rather morose As I finish reading the 7 volumes for the second time I am transcribing my favorite aphorisms and descriptions for a vademecum The universality of the experiences the author relates and the people he describes make this everyman s autobiography regardless of time and place The rhythm of the prose is uniue in its haunting musicality I started reading A La Recherche du Temps Perdu 55yrs ago and am 13 the way This book certainly tellsou what s going on throughout so much so that I am no longer going to spend time trying to get to the end Sorry Marcel but I ve succumbed to the Cliff Notes syndrome The Raul Ruiz film is interesting too while covering very little of the 3000 page ground I have attempted to read Proust magnum opus on a few occasions but haven t got very far As Patrick Alexander explains with an imaginative analogy it is is rather like scaling a high wall to a beautiful garden and inside are delights to be foundThis reader is a an excellent insight into the work It explains and elucidates the work with all the characters describedIt will certainly help with the reading the work and give added incentives to tackle it I first read bits of Proust as a student In middle age I picked it up again and am hooked This book is a fantastic aid to reading understanding and appreciating la recherche du temps perdu I am so glad I bought it Thank ou. Kground a guide to the fifty most important characters maps family trees illustrations and a brief biography of Proust Essential for readers and book groups currently reading Proust and who want help keeping track of the huge cast and intricate plot this Readers Guide is also a wonderful introduction for students and new readers and a memory refresher for long time fan.

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Work of over 3000 pages The long novel is divided into seven novels Swann s Way Within a Budding Grove The Guermantes Way City of the Plains The Captive The Fugitive and Time Regained It is told by an unnamed narrator one presumes this is Marcel Proust s fictionalized autobiography Proust 1871 1922 was an upper middle class person who was gay The long novel covers themes dealing with the Dreyfus affair anti semitism homophobia lesbianism modern art music and philosophy The work can be a daunting assignment to read but Alexander makes it easier to tred A great book for neophyte readers of Proust or It took me about 30 ears to finish Swann s way and once I did it took a mere couple of months to finish the remaining six books I became addicted to its wonderand even its dullness This Guide does a superb job not only of enlightening the readers experience but articulating Proust s inner music structure and intricacy Fortunately it leaves what is enigmatic and ambiguous alone and never attempts to muck around with critical analysis and academic theory Nor does it fawn over or try to ameliorate whole sections that are maddeningly dull in the novel they are part of the experience and come with the territory if Hai nhà you hang on for another hundred pagesou ll get the ride of our life The Guide is a superb job of its kind and almost makes me want to read all the books again I read Proust intermittently and have finished the first 4 books I find this book very useful as a guide to the characters places and timeline of Search for Lost Time The author also gives a summary of each volume It is not a text book which for me is a good thing as it is written in plain English I highly recommend this book if ou want to read Proust This guide is both fascinating and infomative As a Proust fanatic I am very impressed by the guide which is so interesting and salient At first I was dubious of Patrick Alexander s Guide to Proust His Remembrance is a tale with substantial narrative arc along with much humor and bawdines. Prousts novel can seem daunting But though begun a century ago in 1909 it is in fact as engaging and relevant to our times as ever Patrick Alexander is passionate about Prousts genius and appealhe calls the work outrageously bawdy and extremely funnyand in his guide he makes it accessible to the general reader through detailed plot summaries historical and cultural bac.

I am sure this is a decent discussion but it is meant to be a reader s guide and is a non academic work Yet it is loaded with spoilers from very early in the book so I stopped using it which is a pity I should note by the way that I ordered it from but the book I was sent had the cover for the guide to Proust but inside was Jane Austin s Sense and Sensibility That is rather humorous but just to be sure that did not happen again I ordered my next copy elsewhere I assume has fixed it at this point The author knows his stuff I have a three volume set of In Search of Lost Time and since reading Alexander s book I have got into it The whole thing is a revelation If Falling Through Clouds you have not the time nor the inclination to read dibble in In Search of Lost Time get this book It helps a great deal to understand what Proust was trying to do with his novel It really is very funny and in some cases uite hilarious both books Winter is on its way and I would suggest this book as well as Proust s to heat up the winter This book is an immensely enjoyable read written in clear non academic prose The author s enthusiasm for Proust is clear from the outset and catching too Ifou ve tackled Proust before or if The Art of Acquiring you intend to this is a bookou will need In the first section Patrick Alexander elegantly summarises the plot of each volume providing plenty of uotations Next follows a guide to the many characters and the book concludes with biographical and historical material to place A la recherche in context Just as Harry Blamires guide is indispensable when tackling Ulysses and Brian Boyd s Nabokov s Pale Fire for understanding the complexities and hidden pleasures of that book so too does this reader s guide make a roaring lion of a read seem like an approachable pussy cat Haven t had time to absorb but like the layout and looking forward to exploring the contents at greater depth I ve read In Remembrance of Things Past twice in its entirety Therefore I enjoyed reading Peter Alexander s witty and concise guide to the massive. An accessible irreverent guide to one of the most admiredand entertainingnovels of the past century Rememberance of Things Past There is no other guide like this; a user friendly and enticing entry into the marvelously enjoyable world of Proust At seven volumes three thousand pages and than four hundred characters as well as a towering reputation as a literary classic.

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Patrick Alexander Lane is an English born writer who has raised his children in France Italy Switzerland Ireland and California before settling in Miami Florida He has worked on four continents as an international financial consultant a corporate executive and as a university teacher and administrator These wildly different experiences inspired a series of short stories published in the UK by Thistle PublishingPatricks second book Marcel Prousts Search for Lost Time was published by Vintage Books in New York in 2009 and was followed by The Illustrated Proust in collaboration with the Californian painter David Richardson Patrick is also engaged in re writing all seven volumes of uot;In Search of Lost Timeuot; on Twitter at ProustTweetThe Booklovers Guide to Wine based on the successful 6 week program that Patrick has been teaching for the past several years was released by Mango Publishing in September 2017 and featured at the 2017 Miami Book FairPatricks first novel The Nigerian Letter was released in 2015 Apart from being an exciting page turner of a thriller it is also remarkable for having almost no references to Marcel Proust‘Death by Water’ and ‘Death on the Eighth’ are the first two volumes of a trilogy set in the fictional South Florida City of Greenhaven and involve among other things dead bodies vicious local politics the Bay of Pigs and the history of Miami brothels The third volume uot;Dead Naked begins and ends on a nude beach with yet another dead body Patricks latest book Miamis Murders Most Foul released January 2019 is a lighthearted but bloody visit to some of South Floridas exotic and colorful homicides over the past century and a halfWhen not visiting his grandchildren in France and Charleston SC Patrick and his wife Jude live in Miami where he teaches classes in Wine Appreciation History and Marcel Proust Patricks Proust website is wwwProustGuidecom Patricks wine website is wwwGablesWinecomPatrick’s blog is