Matthew Santoro: Mind = Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane World

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I got this book today as I ordered it last Friday through Priority Post and I can t Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet put it down I must hand it to Matthew he s certainly made me among many other fans very happy with this book I would definitely recommend this book to his fans and even those who don t know who he is I was a little bit dubious about buying a book by a YouTuber given that I don t fully subscribe to the whole YouTube thing yeah I know I m totally showing my age but I thought that it sounded like an ideal Xmasresent for my fact mad almost teenage sonHe has absolutely loved it The entire book was devoured in a few sessions over a couple of days and those days were freuently Boom punctuated with out loud laughing and then Daaaad did you know To be honest most of the facts that have been imparted to me I didn t already know and so I m clearly going to have to have a sneaky read of said book as it sounds like there s some genuinely interesting and genuinely ridiculous nonsense contained within I think Matthew Santoro has also gained another subscriber to his YouTube channel as my son was suitably impressedWell done Matthew A funny and entertaining book that mosteople should enjoy This book is fantastic It is acked full of facts but it reads so well This isn t just a list to go through it is entire aragraphs and chapters on interesting topics This is not something you could simply look up online on a uick facts site It is obvious a lot of care. YouTube sensation Matthew Santoro amazes with eye opening facts that are sure to blow your mindMatthew Santoro's originality and humor has attracted millions of fans making him a beloved YouTube star His weekly videos on amazing and little known facts are eagerly anticipated by his many subscribers and followers around the world In his fi.

And research was done while Good Morning, Buddha putting this together This book is generic looking and less interesting than a supermarketaper magazine I bought it as a small gift for my grandson who loves interesting facts but it is so boring ugly and cheaply made I decided to return it Well that s a joke in itself A 599 charge to return it that s than 13 0f the Personal Delivery purchaserice to return a La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I paperback book the thickness of a TV Guide No shipping charge so why a return fee Dont waste your time on this book It isathetic Haven t read it looks good uality book one Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton page had a mark on it but w a second hand book your not going to geterfect I m happy w it Good book Not great for 12 year old as I didn t realise there was so many words He s going to see it and be Husband In Training put off as there s a lot to read and not fun to look at inside Bought as a gift for my daughter who really enjoys watching YouTuber Matthew Santoro She loves the book very much and shares the interesting data with us Without giving away the surprises in the book let s just say even I get a good laugh out of the crazy information she shares It looks very cheaply made on the inside I m sure it is interesting to read but I was hoping for something that was suitable for gift giving And if you want to send it back they charge you to return it so that you receive just aortion of what you Live Wire (Elite Ops, paid for it back Very frustrating Wouldn t have wasted my time or money on it had I had known I bo. Rst ever book Matthew's love of weird and wacky knowledge explodes with new facts and stories from around thelanet and beyond Surprising and always entertaining Mind Blown offers even of Matthew's uniue take on this hilarious crazy world The most ridiculous laws from Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive past andresentCrazy doppelgangers of Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, peoplelaces and unexpected th.

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Ught this for my boys 10 12 who love random trivia I decided to flip through it before gifting it and boy am I glad I did Penile Weight Lifting Get Pussy Willow whipped on Dyngus Day Not the topics or vocabulary I cared to encourage my boys to erpetuate And sadly I did not read the reviews about the 599 return charge before urchasing this book I guess I will be gifting it to Good Will Everyone else save your money Or take a browse at your local bookstore to make sure it is what you want to spend your money on Bought 2 as stocking fillers some unbelievable facts I m sure teenagers will give them something to laugh and talk about great topics for conversation Came right on time Matthew Santoro is one of my favorite YouTubers out there Cannot wait to read what he wrote The book was very interesting in the beginning and middle But towards the end of the book the author seemed like he wanted to rush to finish his book so he threw in a few boring topics in that I thought was not worth reading Besides that I did enjoy the book It is Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl probably just my opinion but go ahead and give it a read I got misled by some nice reviews and I bought this book hoping to learn something new and interesting about this world Unfortunately the author gives too much room to his stories his favorite things what this and that would look like if he had to decide etc and eventually fun facts are not the main topics of this book any A waste of time. IngsHistorical wizards who actually livedReal life animal avengersAnd a special section Japan Blows My MindFrom shin kicking competitions and beerong laying robots to enormous fire balls shooting through space you won't believe what you'll discover in Mind Blown But beware there is too much astounding trivia for any one mind to contain.