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Attention immediately and even though we already new what was happening fairly early in the book the writing and a few surprises had me happily ripped up until the endI wasn t expecting a supernatural story AT ALL but I was enjoying the book so much I didn t even care Bring me that horror story that s fineI loved The Chalk Man I adored this one and I m so ready for Tudor s next book What a ripoff Enjoyed The Hiding Place so just had Annie Thorne delivered It s the SAME book just different titles WHY Thought it was a preuel to The Hiding Place There s an idea write about what happened to Annie while she was missing That could be all kinds of creepy I didn t realize until I purchased this book was that I had already read the book I was actually Animal Babies getting the UK versionoh wellso instead of returning the book I donated it to a book drop off sponsored by my local public libraryget a book drop off a bookso it was actually a win win situtation Having thoroughly enjoyed C J Tudor s Chalk Men I preordered her two forthcoming novels The Hiding Place and The Taking of Annie Thorne They both arrived but imagine my disappointment and anger when I discovered that they are EXACTLY the same book I Enjoyed this book it was well written and hadood suspense however the plot was far too similar to Pet Semetary by Stephen King so there wasn t much originality in my opinion I was uite disappointed because the summary really intrigue. Ontents and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition Fast delivery through DHLFedEx express.

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And what was behind the deaths of Julia and Ben at the beginning It just didn t flow for me and as for who turned out to be Fat Man What was the point Unnecessary as it wasn t as though this was a mystery that had been eating away at you anyway so needless Weak I thought in what was a really promising start LIVED THIS BOOKBE WARNED ITS THE EXACT SANE AS THE HIDING PLACE BY HERso disappointed thought it was a new book by this author Exact same story as the hiding place with changed title I really loved this book so much I read it 2 times I could not put it down I am waiting for the next book by this author so I can continue reading books Unlikeable characters Lacking in plot structure Was taken in by the hype I do not recommend The Taking Of Annie Thorne published in the US under the title The Hiding Place is CJ Tudor s second novel Her horror tinged psychological thriller The Chalk Man was one of my favourite reads of 2018 and was widely praised even carrying an endorsement from Stephen King who saw in it echoes of his own workThe Taking Of Annie I read this in a heartbeat My God Tudor s writing is just pure entertainment Witty dark and funny all at the same time It s amazing how she s able write a male character so well Joe s personality his ideals sense of humor and hilarious remarks are very particular and it seemed like his narrative could have only been written by the protagonist himselfThe mystery ot my. Nor self wear on the cover or pages Sale restriction may be printed on the book but Book name

Good book Be cautious This book and The Hiding Place are the same book byCJTudorJust different Publishers I was really disappointed I enjoyed this book almost as much as the Chalk Man It was uick paced It kept me on the edge of my seat especially the part of how the accident happened and AnnieI will definitely be reading from this author After reading The Chalkman by Tudor last year which by the way was my favourite book of 2018 I was ecstatic when I found out she was releasing another book this year so much so I d had the book on preorder for my kindle since last JulyCould this book be as ood as The Chalkman well let me tell you now it s surpassed even my expectations Below is my overview of this book and I can tell you now it s not easy to review her books as you really do not want to qasas-ul-quran give any of the plot awayThe book launches with a fantastic prologue which for me sets the scene for the rest of the book and even at that point so early on I knew I would be in for one hell of a roller coaster read The prologue is very darkory and not for the faint heartedJoe Thorne forty years old returns back to the mining village of Arnhill in Nottingham whe For me this book started really well if a little ruesome however by the end of the book I was uite honestly lad to finish it It became far fetched I thought and unbelievable and ended with too many unanswered uestions for me What exactly happened to Annie in the pit. Please Read Notes Brand New International Softcover Edition Printed in black and white pages mi.

C J Tudor lives with her partner and young daughter Her love of writing especially the dark and macabre started young When her peers were reading Judy Blume she was devouring Stephen King and James HerbertOver the years she has had a variety of jobs including trainee reporter radio scriptwriter dog walker voiceover artist television presenter copywriter and now author Her first novel The Chalk Man was a Sunday Times bestseller and sold in thirty nine territories