By Tami Oldham Ashcraft: Adrift: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea

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Like many I probably did this backwards ie saw the movie read the book But I think if I had done it the other way I would have been disappointed with the movie This way it was just an appetizer for the main course I realize that to xternalize Tami s internal drama for a movie devices had to be used ie The Voice became synonymous with Richard s presence in the movie The movie left a Sixth Sense taste in my mouth which I didn t like bc Tami s situation alone was dramatic Black on Blonde enough No other tricks were needed IMHO Small details werembellished for the movie but one that didn t seem at all necessary was Tami s vegetarianism movie only Why It was hammered in at the first meeting of Tami Richard then again when contemplating survival later In the book she didn t HAVE to kill fish to survive ie Tom Hanks in Castaway bc she had The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece enough food on board to make it to Hawaii Seemed overly dramatic and formulaic when the truth was plenty She also sewed up her own scalp in the movie Again too much After reading the book I thought Shailene Woodley waaaay overplayed Tami who reads in the book to be a very complex VERY YOUNG woman thrown intoxtraordinary circumstances Shailene the script turned her into a super survivor spearing fish to American Nietzsche eat raw survivenduring the pain of sewing up flesh Art, Culture, and Cuisine etc glossed over the subtle human buckets of self doubt and soul searching that she wrestled with during her 41 days adriftGlad I read the book The movie can stay on the shelf I couldn t put it down What amazing strength and courage I cant wait for the movie I hope they do it justice One thing I noticed at thend of the book where Tami thanked veryone for their help with her story She didnt thank Richard He saved her life by making her go below If not for that there would have been no story I wish Tami peace and happiness I won t forget her story anytime soon Great book Saw that this was due to come out as a film and read the. BRAND NEW Exactly same ISBN

His woman has had little luck but she is brave and resourceful Maybe it s just me Maybe I m getting old and cranky But I had to roll my yes several times while reading this book I did finish it and I am glad she survived But my word I got tired of her Aristotles Rhetoric endless stories of how wonderful her boyfriend was and how perfect their love was and how magical their travels were and how much her boyfriend loved her and it was fate that brought them together ad nauseam It got tiresome I am impressed with her sailing abilities and her survival skills She also seemed to be critical of her boyfriend s parents reluctance to comfort her She seemed to think it was all about HER and HER grief It was rather subtle but it was there I would not buy this book again It just wasn t my cup of tea I am glad that I saw the movie before reading the book The book is much better and I would have been disappointed if I had read it first This is a beautifully written book and it always helps when it is a true story Injoyed the movie very much and read t A must read saw movie first which is well done but book is the real true intricate story Couldn t put it down as I am new to sailing I read an article in the Sunday paper about this true Blood Runs Green event and wanted to know From start to finish I could not but this book down Always wanted to know what happened next It is lovely bookbut also sad at the same time Can recommend it not just to the sailing peoplebut any one who lovesxcitement in a book Also will see the filmand compare this to the amazingly written book A beautifully written book Though heartbreakingly sad Tami s positive nergy keeps the readers heads above water Richard was an amazing adventurous warm hearted person and it s obvious to see why their love was deep and intense and never stifull May you Tami and Ed and your children carry on having the world at your feet and the sea in your heart s Thank you too for sharing. ISBN carefully before orderin.

Review Good a reason as any to read the book I prefer to read the book before seeing the film I loved the book it was absolutely gripping from the start a tale of love of course and loss Even though I knew the tale because it s a true story I so wished that the nding was different I would definitely recommend a great read Good read although scary Colored Property especially if you re into sailing or boats Really admire the protagonist who fought for her life in such an admirable way at the age of 24 years Stunning story When I lived in Mission Beach in the 1970s there wereare girls who looked like Tamiverywhere As I began reading I was amazed by her depth of knowledge her Desire and Truth experience and her courage It would have beenasy to mistake her for another beach blond I had family members who fished tuna and albacore and didn t return until they had a full catch This was before GPS so the use of the sextant and constellations was critical Her story taught me a whole new vocabulary The loss of her fiance was heartbreaking but her dialogue with her Voice was was inspirational I seem to read about these super human stories like the Sydney to Hobart race and the Everest disaster absolutely captivated by how individuals venture out beyond what is safe I stand in awe I cannot imagine the The Exiles Gallery emotional and physical sufferings that Tammi herself along with her and Richard s families havendured My heart was crying throughout this whole book Not many people find this love and get to live thier dream like Tammi did and for her to have it and lose it But to survive it and find it agian is just an amazing accomplishment Just an amazing storie I cant wait to see the movie A very good narration of a life altering vent I liked the flashbacks to other adventures while surviving all alone Not well written but then the author is not s professional I went on line to find out and discovered her daughter had died in a tragic accident S listed Please double check.